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We All Need IT!

"Relationships matter. They matter as much as exercise and nutrition."

--Donald Miller, Scary Close"

Relationships are important to us all, perhaps as much as exercise and nutrition. At the beginning of a year, many of us focus on increasing our exercise and changing our dietary habits for what we believe will be the betterment of our health. What would happen if we directed those same energies toward the betterment of our relational health with God, ourselves, and others?

Could we become better versions of ourselves? Perhaps we might experience the same effects of exercise and nutrition--disease prevention, positive mood and energy, better wait management (and yes, I meant to write W-A-I-T and not 'W-E-I-G-H-T') and increased sleep quality.

Just as with increasing your exercise and nutrition habits I offer a few practices to aid in placing our relational habits at the forefront of our lives, because they matter!

  1. Schedule IT. Some of us, (in the name of spontaneity) don't like to schedule the relational components of our lives and yet, we will set a reminder to watch our favorite television show. Why not consider placing your relational time on your paper calendar, in your phone, or wherever helps you to remember the things that are important and of value to you.

  2. Prepare for IT. The meal preparation industry continues to grow at a steady and rapid pace. SlimFast, WW, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron... (and those are what I saw in less than 30 minutes of television advertisements). In your relationships with God, yourself and others, what would you need to prepare so that you could have your own relational "Daily Harvest"?

  3. Track IT. Tracking your weight loss (or gain), heart rate, food and water intake, and blood pressure is likewise a growing industry. Think Fitbit, Apple watches etc. There is also a growing industry of 'habit' tracking apps and even habit coaches. If tracking your habits can make your goals feel more attainable, build your confidence, keep you focused, and help you stay motivated, why not consider tracking your relational habits?

Your relationship with God, yourself, and others MATTERS as much as exercise and nutrition. Let's be intentional and schedule, prepare, and track our relational health as we do our physical health...we ALL need IT!


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