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The Lists!

The School Supply Lists, Grocery Lists, To-Do Lists, Playlists, God lists? Is it wise for us to have lists that we present to God? Lists of what we want God to do for us? List for what we want God to send us in a mate? Lists for __________? While creating lists for God causes some tension for me, because it can quickly become what seems like a 'demands' list, I believe that in our intimate relationship with God, there are at least a few list worth creating.

A Gratitude List--No matter what you are going through, there is always something to be grateful for. Why not consider making a list and posting it somewhere that you can see it?

A Blessing List-- What blessings has God given you? When was the last time you recall being blessed by God? Who are the people who have been blessings in your life? Make a list!

A Promises List-- When God makes a promise, God keeps it! When you are discouraged because someone has broken a promise--make a list of the promises God has made and remember, God will keep them.

A Lessons Learned List-- Some lessons are naturally learned, while others are hard learned. Keeping a lessons learned list can be a reminder of what God has taught us on our journey, such that we can build upon them and perhaps... not have to learn the hard lessons all over again.

An Unanswered Question List-- Life is full of questions, some which seemingly go unanswered. By making a list, you can make note of the questions you have and how God answers them.

A Prayer List- Who are you praying for? God wants us to intercede on other's behalf and not just selfishly pray for ourselves and the material things we desire. Who are you praying for?

Consider what kind of lists you use in your life. Do you have any of the above? If not, consider and commit to making at least one of the above and add to it regularly.


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