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“Intimacy is not a happy medium. It is a way of being in which the tension between distance and closeness is dissolved and a new horizon appears. Intimacy is beyond fear.”

---Henri Nouwen

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Hi, I’m Rev. Carmin

An intimacy advocate and blogger. Passionate about sharing thoughts and information on liberating intimacy and living intimately.

As one who is thriving after the traumatic effects of sexual assault and the historical effects of what has been named the enslavement of intimacy, I believe that IN TO ME SEE is a vital tool in the remembering of intimacy as God intended.  In a world where violence against intimacy seems prevalent in our media outlets, IN TO ME SEE is a catalyst toward peace amid the pain.  

IN TO ME SEE was developed from my doctoral work completed in May of 2019 and is a 4 part program designed to guide one toward greater intimacy with God, self and others.  Through well-researched teachings on the importance of developing one's inner life (IN), pursuing action over passivity (TO), and having a clear sense of identity (ME) and vision (SEE) participants will gain a greater awareness and practice of intimacy in the desired areas of their lives.  

IN TO ME SEE is designed to be a 40 day program, however the program can be adjusted to 40 weeks or even a lifetime practice.  There are 4 "P's" of teaching IN TO ME SEE--Ponder, Prayer, Practice, and Play.  You are invited to ponder, pray, practice, and to play (in opposition to 'work') toward intimacy at a greater level each day.  


IN TO ME SEE is intended to be dynamic such that the beginning and the end are equally as dynamic.  With this dynamic nature in mind, it is believed that within the self-determined completion of the program participants will have created an individualized IN TO ME SEE action plan that liberates from past traumatic, negative, or enslaved intimacy.  


Let us journey together toward IN TO ME SEE and liberate intimacy while we live intimately!    

Rev. Carmin 

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